Our Secrets

The Product

Our challenge was to combine the idea of the good with the healthy. Two adjectives that in food have never walked hand in hand.

How have we worked?

On one hand, to ensure and develop ‘the healthy’, we have involved in our society the Synbiotec, a spin-off of the University of Camerino (UNICAM) and a research and experimentation hub specializing in the development and application of probiotics in the food field.

Synbiotec has prepared for us the ‘list of the healthy’: proper eating habits during the main moments of the day.

Together, we began to study and combine food with probiotics, to naturally ensure the wellbeing of our intestinal flora.

On the other side, we have selected a team of gastronome experts, specialized in the selection of taste and ‘good’ Italian excellences, in the food and beverage segment, to choose the best raw material from Sicily to Trentino, referring to the list prepared by our nutritional biologists.

In our company, our chefs have fun in combining simple but tasty dishes.

Thus, our menu comes to the light.

Healthy, Good, Fast

The Concept

We wanted to create a concept of simple and modern furnishing, where the purity of white combined to the naturalness of wood with a touch of orange, create an energizing and vitamin mix.

The balance between colours and materials makes Synbiofood location at the same time relaxing and enjoyable, in line with the lifestyle and enhancing the contents of the format.