Our Story

They used to call me the ‘trolley man’, traveling 280 days a year as CEO of a multinational fashion company.

On October 6, 2010, I still remember that day, my doctor tells me the data of my blood tests: cholesterol 308. It was the result of continuous compromises with food during my travels.

A first light bulb went on over my head.

How can I eat healthy when eating out?

That year, food starts to become more and more a social topic, televisions begin to organize cooking programs and, online, people post photos of their favourite dishes: food becomes communication.

I had my second brainwave.

The food is no longer just nutrition but becomes life style.

My goal was clear: to create an alternative container to the classic fast-food locations with the aim of changing the consumption habits: Synbiofood comes to the light.

Synbiofood is born from the desire to actively contribute to the wellbeing of the individual. Our goal is to give a strong and decisive contribution to the food culture of millions of people, in the constant search for a better quality of life.

Synbiofood is an ideal place to experience the exclusive pleasure of eating well in a healthy and balanced way, combining the delight of the palate to the security of a perfect nutritional supply.

For this reason we combine the properties of probiotics to top-quality foods, selected in the territory by gastronome experts, in order to offer quick, healthy and quality meals.

For breakfast or at snack time, at lunch or for an aperitif, Synbiofood offers the opportunity to enjoy healthy and tasty recipes.

Andrea Cresci – President & CEO